Your Band Is A Virus

Everyone is looking for the quick road to success. If you disagree, you’re lying to yourself. For bands, they want to be listened to by millions of adoring fans worldwide. While I understand there are a few out there simply making music to make it, 99% want to be huge. Chances are, they want to be huge but they have no idea how to get there or they’re looking for some magic light switch that will get them 13,000 fans on Facebook and half a million Twitter followers.

If that’s you, the light switch guy, then let me tell you; just between us, it is just down the street in that brick building; you know, the one by the gas station.

Now for those who are being realistic and understand that being successful requires work, I’ve got just the thing for you.

Considering there is no “One Answer To All Your Problems” book, independent bands and artists are constantly struggling to find something that works for them, something relevant and something that won’t waste their time. With that being said, may I present “Your Band Is A Virus: Expanded Edition” by James Moore of the fantastically artist and music (not money) oriented Independent Music Promotions.

The 192 page book is a step-by-step realistic approach to making your band, well, a virus in the modern music industry. This is hardly the “do three things then sit back and watch the fans pour in” type approach. Instead Moore, who remains brutally honest in the best way possible, explains what you need to do, while setting realistic expectations and never sugarcoating the truth.

Utilizing a roadmap of suggestions from time tested experiences as an approach, Moore shifts from the typical “How-to” word-vomit that plagues artist self-help books and steps into a musical equivalent of Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” He stays realistic and understands that not every approach works for every band, but his flexible and progressive thinking equips those that read it with the mindset necessary to achieve the next step. Most importantly, he doesn’t just dump facts and suggestions in your lap and expect you to take notes, he helps you help yourself by shifting your way of thinking. Honestly, when you open your guitar case you should have your guitar, picks, extra strings, strap, maybe tuner (I said maybe!); this needs to be in there too.

“Your Band Is A Virus: Expanded Edition” breaks down the vital parts of making music. He discusses types of marketing, including his brilliant elaboration on Behind –the-Scenes Marketing. Moore even goes as far as listing resources for bands to network. He dives into building a website, getting your actual music online, promoting music videos and even gives strategic pointers on how to “Earn More Friends.” In short, this should be a vital part of your arsenal.  You have your drumsticks, amps and mics, why don’t you have this book?

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