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One of the lesser discussed perks to independent music is the independent record labels. And what is even less discussed is that most of them release compilation albums.

Selected by fans and artists alike, Red Dragon Records tallied the votes and released 1st Renaissance. The hour and a half, twenty-two track, compilation shatters expectations of the “indie norm” with bold tracks like “When The Sun Sets” by The Mouth of Ghosts, “They Said Tomorrow’s Gonna Be a Sunny Day” by the infectious Paradigms, the heartfelt “Rhyme for My Reason” from Daniel Anderson and VLAD’s “Gamma,” just to name a few (and we mean just a few).

1st Renaissance is a great source of discovery and a fantastic album in its own right. With a portion of the proceeds from the compilation album going to the artists we highly recommend you check this out and support independent music.

Red Dragon promises more and 1st Renaissance is just the beginning. This is a great step into their world and they are worth keeping an eye on. The world is a better place because of independent music like this and we must admit we can’t wait to hear more!

Track Listing:

1 When the Sun Sets  – The Mouth of Ghosts
2 Rhyme for My Reason – Daniel Anderson
3 A Motorbike Called Life – Let’s Go Safari
4 The Wreck of Me – Travis Cooper
5 Ufo – Wullae Wright
6 They Said Tomorrow’s Gonna Be a Sunny Day – Lee Ditcher (Paradigms)
7 The Liar – Robert John
8 Let It Rain – Mark A.G.
9 Cocaine Avenue – Danny Burns
10 Butterflies – Plastique
11 Jagged -Step Echo
12 Sin 2.0 – Anyone’s Guess
14 Uncle Joe – Everyday Goldfish
14 For Contradication – Destroy The Skyline
15 Standing On the Cliff Edge – Josh Kemp
16 Trippin the Light Fantastic – Julie Lamb
17 Gamma – VLAD
18 Stuck – Ifs and Buts
19 DreamCatcher – Rainey James
20 Who Do You Love – Setra
21 Sugar Kain – Transwagon
22 Lies – BreakGlass Emergency