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Boise’s own Hey V Kay played The Crux to a good showing of Treefort fans.  The show was a surprise and a half. Most artists take what they’ve recorded and simply present them live. Having heard Gut Wrenching we thought we knew what was in store. Well-developed intricacies that dance among downtempo draw and vocals that are not overbearing, but not overly full of range either.

What we thought we’d get and what we got were two separate things. And we cannot complain.

Live Hey V Kay played to the downtempo simplicity that is evident in her recording, but was overshadowed by her audible constructions. Her set was well received by the crowd, us included. Her live presence conveys a deeply honed passion for what she does and it is very easy to become lost in her sound.  Though she was unable to convey the intricacies of her album live (perhaps because of the acoustics in the venue) Hey V Kay did a beautiful job of turning it into a win for the Treefort performance.

Here is Hey V Kay covering Bonnie Raitt’s “Something to Talk About” at Treefort Music Fest