The Ravenna Colt - Terminal Current

The retro walls of Boise’s Neurolux crafted a sanctuary of live music that had to be experienced to fully understand. The flow of bodies was a healthy mix of those looking for some Friday night live music, those familiar with My Morning Jacket, and those who have already experienced the grandeur that is Terminal Current from The Ravenna Colt. And although the 8-o’clock start time would pass without as much as a drunken patron singing “Amazing Grace” the soon-to-be-wall of sound pouring over the heads of those in attendance had very few regretting their decision.

Casually, at closer to 9PM, Boise band Sleepy Seed strolled up on stage looking more like the kind of guys you would hang out with in high school than a band that would open an album release party. Then suddenly, in a “shut your blasphemous mouth” moment, the quartet struck a chord with all present as their mixture of songs, ranging from ambient rock to pop/punk, even throwing in a Psychedelic Furs cover for good measure, were distributed among the three singers; respectively. The nearly bipolar sound had some of us caught off guard, but no one disappointed.

It was at this point in the evening when I looked back and noticed the Neurolux packed from door to stage. And turning my inquisitive eyes from crowd, filled with bearded men in flannel and women in jeans and t-shirts, The Ravenna Colt had strolled into position.

For those who have never experienced The Neurolux, it is a long venue with an unassuming stage set in the back recesses of the bar that is reminiscent of old jazz joints. It is dark, it can be tight, and it is one of the best venues in town. And it is from that stage that the life of Terminal Current baptized the crowd in a musical experience you need to see to believe. Contrasting the recorded airiness, Johnny Quaid and crew consumed the hypnotic gaze of the crowd, converted it to fuel an energy that brought the stage to life, and released the resulting musical-mitosis unto us with unforgettable passion. Each song rolled forth with an edge and dynamic that never quite came to light on record. But it isn’t until it is experienced live can one surmise the capacity of the musical and lyrical power this sophomore album, and the gentlemen performing it, can possess. To say that The Ravenna Colt is a “local” or “indie” band seems to associate them with something to be gained. And while I’m sure there is a lot left in the tanks for this band, and I pray I am right, their sound is on par with some of the best you can find. Anywhere.

The crowed packed tighter and tighter to the stage as the night went on while the smiles got bigger and bigger. The Ravenna Colt did more than just usher in a record that night, they made fans out of the unknowing and bigger fans out of the already loyal.

The delayed start was nothing but a laughable memory as the crowd dispersed into the cold Treasure Valley night. But the impression left on those in attendance will not soon be forgot.

The Ravenna Colt will be playing Treefort Music Festival on Thursday March 26th at 8PM at The Bouquet in downtown Boise and Terminal Current is out now on Karate Body Records.

GregGreg is a regular contributor and co-founder at Nanobot.