The end of a decade brought the house down with some fantastic music from immensely talented local, independent, and budding artists from around the world.

As we move into a new year, new decade, and new possibilities, we reflect on the great music we came across in 2019.

A sincere thank you to all those who shared their music, their love of music, or just gave Nanobot Rock a read in the last year, here are Nanobot Rock’s Top 10 (more like 15) discoveries of 2019:

#15 Ace of Wands – Lioness

#14 Austin Giorgio – Crooner

#13 Olivia Jean – Night Owl

#12 Balms – Mirror

#11 Locobeach – Psychedelic Disco Cumbia

#10 Kazyak – Odyssey

Pushing one to the edge of discovery, while waxing poetic, Kazyak found themselves in Odyssey. We just got to go along for the ride. Zero complaints here.

#9 Geowulf – My Resignation

My Resignation saw a maturity and meaning we weren’t sure they were missing in their debut record. This sophomore release opened our eyes to an even greater existence for Geowulf.

#8 Sun Blood Stories – Haunt Yourself

Sun Blood Stories almost effortlessly forces a vividly cerebral self-realization dialog within their release Haunt Yourself. The vivid journey is as unforgettable as it is honestly captivating.

#7 Marshall Poole – Pasadena

2019 kicked off with the highly anticipated record from psych-rockers Marshall Poole. To say the record lived up to expectations would be an understatement.

#6 Grupo Fantasma – American Music Vol. VII

Culturally spanning, collectively unifying. Grupo Fantasma unleashed American Music Vol. VII, a record that proves what it means to be American and that it is ok to just let the rhythms take hold and move you.

#5 Lindsey Hunt – Images

Visions, art, and an organic assembly that stands out from the pack. We don’t quite know who makes music like Lindsey Hunt. Frankly, we don’t care. We have Images.

#4 Frankie and The Witch Fingers – ZAM

Unpretentious, confident, and magnetic. ZAM is unapologetically fuzzed out glory. Easily one of the best of 2019.

#3 Van Goose – Habitual Eater

In a liberating energy, Van Goose’s debut lets loose some funky electric vibes that don’t play safe, yet succeed on so, so many levels.

#2 Guerilla Toss – What Would The Odd Do?

Explosive synth energy that is as fun as it is upbeat, when What Would The Odd Do? comes on we throw inhibition to the wind and just give in. Who knew an EP could be this fun?

#1 Carver Commodore – Tell Me What You Want

A mix of styles, culminating in an all-too entertaining record, Carver Commodore delivered an infectiously optimistic and formidable record we simply cannot get enough of. When we think of rock at the end of 2019, we think Carver Commodore.