In the vast, deserted industrial environment that is Boise, Idaho, where nobody would ever want to move because of the cruel, daunting, unforgiving landscape, a sound permeates that beckons in a David Haller-esc beacon to your psyche.

High desert fuzz psych rockers Sun Blood Stories reaches out of the astral fog with an acid dipped left-of-center assembly of captivating variables that weave and slide between beautifully intimate and  unnerving all while wrapping it’s warm, welcoming arms around you with their latest Haunt Yourself.

Haunt Yourself embodies an existence that is somewhere between the slight paranoid imagination that lives in all of us and the aching drive to be more than what we appear day-to-day. It is an audible representation of those moments where you play out a larger-than-life scenario in your head, but where you’d dismiss these thoughts as quickly as they arrive. Sun Blood Stories Pennywises the deep recesses of imagination and constructs their twelve tracks in a hauntingly captivating way. Subtle intros build to launching pickups where screaming angst perpetuates the converse of the melodic embodiments that exist separate yet together. From the grinding acidity of “Up Comes the Tunnel”, the grandeur of “All The Words In Meaning”, all while slipping through the compellingly honest “Everybody Loves You”, Amber Pollard, Ben Kirby, and Jon Fust, have crafted a highly entrancing, palatable record that pleases both the connoisseur and novice of psychedelic rock. With each pass, Haunt Yourself paints another layer of vibrant sonic tapestry that only pulls you further and further into the world of Sun Blood Stories.

Sun Blood Stories almost effortlessly forces a vividly cerebral self-realization dialog. The quilted bygone era psych rock cutting room floor undertones of Haunt Yourself dance brilliantly in the light of their own self-concocted darkness. You’ll become equally lost in the riffs as you will in the subtle macabre that keeps Haunt Yourself anchored in psych rock while staying fresh, if not forward-thinking.

Captivating. Vivid. Unafraid. Haunt Yourself from Sun Blood Stories crafts a world in which it wants to exist. It is a world of honesty and complexity. It is a world they command with precision.

Greg is a co-founder and regular contributor of Nanobot Rock.