Instant gratification. Virtually anything you could want, right at your fingertips. Loudly contested positions on, usually, arbitrary topics. These are the easy statements to make about today’s culture.

The quiet. The reflective. The deeply-rooted emotional. These are seemingly lost in the mix of modern chaos.

For Boise, Idaho’s Lindsey Hunt, the latter took hold in her highly anticipated debut release. Hunt, a staple in the Boise music scene for the better part of a decade, has overcome a great deal of personal pain, self-reflection, and turmoil and thanks to an impassioned focus coupled with an insurmountable amount of love for her art and those she holds dear we are given the result, Images.

Opening her debut, Hunt turns the key into her world and signals, “this is the sound of the images I dream while I’m awake.”

The ten-track record journey of Images does precisely what it was meant to do. It crafts and cultivates a world all its own through visceral experience and cerebral arrangement. Classical violin collides in a dreamy, astral concoction to form a vivid dance as colorful as it is imaginative. Melodically haunting, Hunt is at times reminiscent of deep-cut Stevie Nicks vocally while she weaves a captivatingly gorgeous array of honest reflection most wish they could achieve. Images appears isolated to a genre at face value, but as it enters your sense of being, it becomes a narrative to an otherwise instinctual feeling that stretches its arms like a beautiful night sky across more than you could imagine. Lindsey Hunt’s almost Gypsy-Folk ambiance dancing on the strings of her violin is broken by her Bossa nova-esc variation “Go Fly A Kite” which, for all intents and purposes, should not work. But in the world of Images, all things are possible and beginning to end, the record is a stunningly beautiful composition of pain and heartache transformed into healing.

The world around us feels as though it is getting more and more chaotic with each passing hour. We strive to cling to these temporary escapes, if only for a moment. Lindsey Hunt’s debut record Images is not a window into reprieve, it is a door that opens wide and invites you in with safety and warmth. Few records achieve what Images has done. Simplistically stunning, it is not just a remarkable debut, it is a remarkable record. Period.

Greg is a co-founder and regular contributor of Nanobot Rock.