Paying credit where credit is due should go without saying. For the Milano based DECEIT, their music is their homage.

Breaking ground as a cover band, rocking out to the likes of Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, andQueens of the Stone Age, these Italians either really like Dave Grohl or know where to find quality influence. Trading their repertoire for a pen, these guys began writing original tunes in late 2010. The result is their self-titled five track album.

Bleeding heavy rock influence with a touch of intricate melody, DECEIT has developed a sound not too heavy, yet prominent all the same. Inundated with heavy chords and skull rattling drums, this quintet drives rings each song around a metal style until it has nothing left. Each time the vocals shriek in a true-to-metal pitch, they’re immediately reeled in keeping the tracks from going over the edge. Masterfully done, the bass and guitars are layered together in one fluid motion. Their ability to keep the tracks from becoming overbearing plays a large part in their distinction. The drums carry with them the late 90s style rock beats without slipping down into the heavy metal abyss. “Apple Molly,” with the simplistic guitar breakdowns, provides a retro rock style with a new heavy rock sound.

There’s no disputing just what sound influenced these guys, or where they’re from. Though nothing overtly deceitful about them, they sure fill out their sound. They feel comfortable with who they are and what they’re producing.  DECEIT vocally displays a thick Italian accent. That is just one of those things that makes DECEIT. These guys work well within their style and do a quality job of pushing their limits. They have even gone as far as to cover Massive Attack’s “Teardrop.”

The evolution of music is a necessary process, because without it we become stagnant and all sound the same; DECEIT has identified this necessity and evolved the 90s rock sound into an Italian power chord.

Now, when do we get a full length album?