“Line em up/Line em up quickly/Tell Your Friends.” These are less lyrics than they are a command.

The English band Dark Stares, fresh off a tour with glam-rock demigods The Darkness, humbly released their EP Tell Your Friends. Miles Howell, Taylor Howell, Brett Howell, and Harry Collins issued a monumental tell in merely four tracks.

If Spacehog played their hand at Showbiz and recorded it with the Gordon Ramsay of music, we could say this has been done. The quartet delivers a heavy-handed blow of essential rock. “Whisky” is a highly addictive late night anthem. The burly distorted rock riff intro is sure to prompt a quick volume boost. This track is meant to be played repeatedly and loud. You’ll be singing along with the lyrics by the end of the second chorus. This song is in no part overly intricate or allegorically challenging; there isn’t a lot of change up. The riff maintains throughout, the lyrics are predictable, and yet you’ll still find yourself hooked. Each track can sustain alone but they seem to transition into one another just right. “Long Live The King” and “Invaders” mix up the pace a bit and take on a life of their own via marching licks and heavy handed beats. To test the waters and prove their abilities they include “We Are The Kings Tonight;” a track wrapped around softer vocals and echoed guitar lingers on your ears, reminiscent of UnAmerican. To see this change of pace proves these guys have more up their sleeves than they’re leading on. We can only be fortunate enough to get a full length album.

Though it can be easily dismissed as an attempted reincarnation of a long since faded sound, the essence lives on and their sound is an animal in its own right. There are no digitalized breakdowns or noodly guitar solos, but there is a lot of rock. Far exceeding most, the EP gets better with each listen. You can effortlessly replay it over and over again without hesitation.

Now go, go forth and Tell Your Friends of Dark Stares.