If you were to cryogenically freeze the world’s biggest “Radio Radio” fan in 1978, thaw them out in today’s world, give them a crash course in 80s glam and the evolution of punk, you’d find yourself staring straight into the eyes of The Artist Formally Known As Vince Band. The rockabilly infused dirty glam rock that seeps out of the pours of On Display certainly creates an image that demands your attention like a man who wears fishnets and knee-highs. Informally, he’s known as TAFKAV.

The high energy personalities of this Windy City band converge into one eleven track wall shaking, pulse racing album. It should come with a bottle of Ritalin or at minimum a warning. The all-go-no-stop energy carries this album by at lightening speeds. Sharing a balance in just the right dosage, TAFKAV and Lauren Kurtz deliver vocals over Chris Geisler’s heavy laid bass riffs and Brian Chinino’s energetic beats.

On Display gains momentum as an album hatched rock album though each track doesn’t necessarily speak to the next. The insatiable “Lapdog” opens the album with all the ferocity a retro-glam sound can muster; to follow with ten additional tracks seems a tall order. With the help of tracks like “Last Beam Precision” and “Madness” they deliver on their calling. Bouncing off each other like pros, TAFKAV and Kurtz hold up their end of the deal vocally. Their passion reads like an open book via their energy from song to song, though it couldn’t be done without the pace kept by Chinino. His ability to crank it up a notch when needed is evident by resonating crash cymbals that will ring in your ears long after you stop listening.

There’s nothing kempt about The Artist Formally Known As Vince Band and it is obvious it is meant to be that way. If their album is any indication of their live performances, you might be better off wearing your gym clothes because you’ll be bouncing around – a lot.  It’s fun, energetic and invigorating; forget your morning coffee, just hit play to On Display.

02-Catch-Fire by TAFKAVince Band

01-Lapdog by TAFKAVince Band