It only seems right to come out and say Forgotten Sadly, and Broken Ends was released early in 2011. The reason this is necessary to address this is because it is one of those albums you’ll kick yourself for missing.

I know I did.

If Really Old Airplanes were to stumble into the Eddie Izzard scene from Across the Universe they’d fit right in. The quirky, whimsical music dances through your imagination in an abstract, yet warming way; with virtually no creepy puppets. Their follow up to The Mischevist EP is ten tracks of mind altering nuances inlaid with wonderfully mastered acoustic Travis-like rock. Though easily compared to the Scottish genius, they should not be passed off as an imitator.

The quartet from Seattle fronts simplicity but speaks to a different chord.  Forgotten Sadly, and Broken Ends bookends with “Balloon I” and “Balloon II;” two tracks carefully positioned to open and close the journey of bells, ukuleles, keyboards, guitar, and cello. Kory Mathis’ vocals drift in and out of their musical vision with purpose and identity. Much like a travelling band with impromptu splendor they paint a picture with their instruments to all that will hear. Keagan Smith, Evan Benzinger and Christina Wu complete the group with their crafty musicianship. Though the album keeps to the mellow side of the pool, tracks like “Brother” and “Robbers” turn up the pace and intricacies ever so slightly, creating a great middle of the album influx. This is an album that can be listened to on a whim or as a sit down. If you listen to the album in the quiet confines of your headphones you’ll pick up on otherwise missed specifics; from bells to inlaid drum machines and digital distorted breakdowns.

Like most good things, although we don’t catch them out of the gate, to catch them is simply enough. The indie-folk rock styling that challenges your senses dish a memorable album and a sound finely crafted.  Really Old Airplanes have taken off with their sophomore release; catch the flight.

Perennials by Really Old Airplanes

Crown by Really Old Airplanes