Last year we had our faces rocked off with Big Bang’s Sin renuncia a la esperanza. The band and album raised the bar on what can be achieved by expanding your mind and rock tastes.

Well, great news, they’re back with a new album.

As with any band, the true test of their sound is in their ability to grow and achieve, if not expand, what was accomplished on the previous album. For Big Bang, yeah, they did it.

Very much so.

I was thoroughly impressed with Sin renuncia a la esperanza, but Diez Tragos has me struggling to even convey just how impressive it actually is.

For those new to the band, Big Bang sings entirely in Spanish, but as we’ve learned in the past, their music sings in a language we can all understand. The two lead off tracks lead to Diez Tragos propel the record in solid rock style. “Dueño de mis sueños” and “Soy inmortal” reinforce the ambient infused hard rock style we’ve come to love from these Spaniards. The third song on the album, “No soy un angel” is the “yes” song.  It is that song that hits you square in the ears and makes you simply exclaim “YES!” It is the culminating sound that, deep in the recesses of my mind, I was secretly hoping to hear. Siscu Carrasco’s heavy fisted beats intertwine with a digital space ambience before Francisco Rubiales’ masterfully driven rock power chords join in and carry the track into a memorable powerhouse of pure rock.  Taking their sound to the next level, the band pushes the limits with “Sufrir.” The Vai meets power rock with attitude track takes the Manuel Rubiales we knew and pushes his vocals to a raunchy commanding level not yet reached; to which I am in awe.  Of the ten tracks, each holds close to an immense originality and could easily stand alone, but Diez Tragos is an album that will have you constantly coming back to its addicting as hell licks, beats and standout vocals.

I loved what was accomplished prior to Diez Tragos, but the evolution achieved herein is just what we needed.  Big Bang raises the rock bar and reiterates why serious rock fans should turn their attention to Spain. If you have not heard Big Bang yet, I have to ask Why? Because you’re only cheating yourself.