When the Wichita, Kansas quintet The Lost Colors’ single “Pair of Jacks” came into us here at Nanobot, I was eager to snag it and give it a spin. After all, they’re a Kansas quintet who is influenced by Muse, Paramore and Coldplay; yeah I’m in!

With rolling piano/high-hat simplicity The Lost Colors frame up “The Pair of Jacks.” The modest intro drifts into a body-moving indie-pop/rock track of essential rock instrumentals and a familiar vocal. It’s easy to speak to the elephant in the room; Amanda Blackmon’s voice strikes a strong resemblance to the modern pop heroin Hayley Williams. But understand that this group is not Paramore. They’re far more tolerable. Like Hayley fronting a band with substance, The Lost Colors take off. Diversified guitar and bass lay out a well-structured and catchy four minutes. A piano breakdown just before the two and a half minute mark proves that there is some serious talent behind the sound.  Taking away hints of their predecessors, there is familiarity, but more importantly a lot of originality. There is plenty evident in just this track to know that it will certainly reel in the pop fans while at the same time holding elements sure to please the more eclectic palate.

You know there is something good in a track when you find yourself randomly humming it. I can’t shake this song. The promise that lives within this single is more than enough to keep my ears open for their forthcoming recordings. In the meantime, I’ll keep “Pair of Jacks” on repeat because I cannot get enough of it.