Recently signing to Urban Scandal records, San Francisco based Owl Paws’ journey seems to only be beginning.  But we all know that by the time a record label takes notice of a band or their music reaches across the nation they already have a strong following.  Owl Paws is both respected and revered by their fans and fellow musicians alike. Fittingly, their name came to me from another San Francisco band.

Their self-titled seven track EP is currently being repressed but it has been experienced by many. To understand Owl Paws you need not look further than the track names, to understand Owl Paws, you need to hear each track. Taking a massive stride forward, the record begins with “Reluctant.” The three and a half minute track perplexed and intrigued me. The slightly off key vocals strike a strange yet smooth balance with the acoustically indie folk/rock sound. Rather ambitiously the track digs into multiple breakdowns and is accompanied by a horn section. The stage is set by a sound which kept me guessing. By the time the album reaches “The Great Serpentine” I had no hesitations over Owl Paws; and that’s the third track. The, almost four minute, song is a beautiful dance of heavy kick drum, acoustic and electric guitar. It most definitely alleviates any doubt in discovering a unique sound. It is not hard to get yourself lost in this inspiring and dynamic song. Melding their sound, the pace is dropped ever so slightly with the moving “Eyes of the Prey.” Owl Paws intimately brings you into their world with the well balanced track. By the time the record reaches “Singing Strong,” it is doing just that. At the end of the album it is hard to miss the meaning of Owl Paws. The Bay area band drifts and sways on an ornamental acoustic and electric blance built around subtle dynamic and elegant riffs.

Derek Schultz, Tim Vickers, Colin Hayes and Lucas Siobal set out under the name Owl Paws and have succeeded with their self-titled EP. Their following knows there is a wealth of great music to be had by these Californians. Their respect is justified and their passion is sincere. Owl Paws is not just another acoustic indie act, they are the meaning of the genre.

As we’ve seen, from San Francisco, I’d expect nothing less.