Seattle based band Fox and the Law are prepped to release Scarlet Fever this summer. The album is hugely anticipated by those who follow the band, but should most definitely be longed for by the rest of us.

Why? You may ask.

“Feel So Blue.” That’s why.

We were introduced to the guitarist for Fox and the Law back when we discovered The Grizzled Mighty. Though I was thoroughly impressed with what was accomplished there, I did not get the complete “HOLY HELL” feeling I just got after hearing “Feel So Blue;” the first single Scarlet Fever has to offer and now the knock you on your ass anthem leading the procession to the release.

“Feel So Blue” drops on your ears like the heavy handed audible crack fix you didn’t realize you needed. I can’t stop listening to the, simply put, electrifying riffs, pulse driving drums and infectious rock vocals. Guy, Ryan, Patrick and Dan dish up a dose of rock track that quenches the much needed thirst for the inner rock soul in each of us.

The world has one week to discover this song. After that, it is our obligation to grab those who haven’t experienced  this track, shake them and ask WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Get off that chair, take to the streets and join us in the Fox and the Law march toward Scarlet Fever because it has never felt so good to “Feel So Blue.”