Back in April we got a dose of Decoded. The temptation of “Lost No More” from, what was then, the forthcoming The Split EP was enticing and addicting. So much so, I’ve found it hard to get out of my head for the last few months.

Well the wait is over and it was worth it.

2012 has been a big year for the Los Angeles based Alternative band Decoded. From finely tuning authentic rock, crafting and fronting Rock for a Difference Los Angeles and finally releasing The Split I’m baffled as to how there is any energy left in them.

Derek Jordan fronts the rock with imagination and ingenuity.  Always striving to raise the bar on his personal talent, the future of Decoded is packed with endless possibilities. The four track EP is self-described “catchy garage rock,” but this is a sound beyond such a simplistic title. For those who have seen them live know that the violin-on-guitar solos transcend simplistic genre monikers.

Though humble on the surface, Decoded is much more. The Split opens with two previously released tracks (“Open Season” and “Lost No More”). Of the four tracks I couldn’t help but think we’d heard the best. There was the always present assumption that perhaps we had peaked on the singles and had nothing to look forward to on the EP. I was wrong; dead wrong. “I Really Hate You” and “Imperfect for Each Other” sling heavy riffs and catchy lyrics in top form. I should have known better. All four tracks are equally addicting. It’s the kind of album you put on the background until your friends ask “who is this?” to which you smugly smile and answer “oh, let me tell you…”

With a solid foundation of diehard followers and unwavering talent, Decode has just scratched the surface of greatness. The Split gave me an audible slap on the hand for even hesitating. Falling into the vocal style of A. Jay Popoff and instrumentally on par with the best alternative rock has to offer, Decoded has crammed pure addiction into four three minute tracks. A sure addition to my regular music rotation, I can’t help but feel it only gets better live.