What do you get when you mix a decedent of Mark Twain and some of the most addicting funky bass you can find in today’s music world. No, you’re wrong. A river rafting Flea is not the right answer. Go sit in the corner until you understand what you did.

Good, now that you’re back we can dive head first into Permanent Ability. The Los Angeles based brain child of Brian Lanese, Permanent Ability is one hell of a funk rock ride. They recently release two singles off their forthcoming Love You to Death.

Lanese teamed up with Lige Curry and Mario Pagliarulo of the legendary George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic and Serj Tankian, respectively, to create the finely tuned, addicting as hell band with purpose.  In-your-face rock vocals and pounding rock in the key of Southern California, with a dash of slick cynicism, feeds life into “Just Another Day” and “Good At Losing.” With two singles like this, Love You to Death is sure to funk you in the face.  I can’t get enough of them, check them out!