Out of the ashes of some of our favorite bands, interesting things happen.  Google can tell a much more fascinating story than I can of how The Hunting Accident came to be, just know that the indie web that brought these folks together was cast wide.

This isn’t just some new indie band on the horizon with raw, unbridled talent.  No one will be saying: “it’s great that they’re trying, maybe someday they will figure out their sound.”  There are decades of combined experience brought to Trees and Parks that create a refined crispness not normally found on an EP.  Even the distorted and chaotic breakdowns in the titular track seem calculated to maximize the sound.

10 seconds into the first track, “Aubergine,” The Hunting Accident’s staccato barrage drills a hole in your consciousness and is back-filled with wailing keyboards and gritty, irreverent lyrics.  Tight guitars and drums keep the beat with incredible efficiency; no note goes to waste.  Behind it all, a deep bass thunders each note with a distorted yell.  The first four tracks bring the rock, and the ruckus, including an intense cover of “Sometimes I Wish I Was A Pretty Girl.”  The last two tracks feature a smoky-hazed and bluesy “As You Choke” and the twangy cowpunk “Way Down South.”

Trees and Parks is a scant 15 minutes, but the impression the album leaves sticks in your head, kind of like audio sun spots: a quick sample will leave quite an aftereffect.  That aftereffect should make those who mourn the loss of  projects like Piebald and Arlo sting a little less and the rest of us grateful these folks found each other in Los Angeles.  Check out the Trees and Parks EP in all its wood-grained splendor on July 17th.