Chances are you’ve never heard of The Hunting Accident. Or you have and you’re checking out what people think of them. Well if you’re in the later this doesn’t apply to you. For everyone else, I’m not going to dive into just who the band is because they have a fantastic ‘bout that should do all the talking.

So let’s talk about what we all want to know, their music.

The Hunting Accident are poised to deliver Trees and Parks on July 7th. They were kind enough to let us peak into the album and have a go at it; which promptly turned into another and another. Like a funky post punk rollercoaster no one wants to get off, the Los Angeles quintet hand delivers with precise attitude and manageable lyrics. Their six track release rolls in with a slight retro early rock riff to “Aubergine.” Seemingly akin to the style of The Airborne Toxic Event, Aaron Stuart, Nate Greely, Pete Beeman, Brynne Copping and Travis Shettel quickly set themselves alight. No there is no fire involved here, but there is plenty of originality. Heavy Bass licks, slight surfer riffs and tapping high-hat make up the chemistry that binds the album as seen in “As You Choke.” Throw into the mix the Robyn Hitchcock cover “Sometimes I Wish I Was A Pretty Girl” belting out “Sometimes I Wish I Was A Pretty Girl/So I could look at myself in the shower” with the utmost quality and we’ve got an equation that paces itself well and makes for a great listen.

There’s no front from The Hunting Accident. There’s nothing about this record that leaves me saying “gee, I wish they’d done this” or “If only.” However, on the next album we can only hope they cover some Syd Barrett. They are authentic post punk with progressive styles. Trees and Parks is six tracks of pure unadulterated talent that I implore you to listen to.

Ok, there may be a little adulteration.

And it’s got a punk foundation so…

I’m done explaining myself to you, go listen.