Driven by essentially an all-or-nothing mentality, Zach Brent Epstein, Alejo Bascoy and Ben Cerio lend their talents to the Durham, North Carolina Epic Acoustic Rock that is Clover Creek.  To understand their music you must first understand their roots. Clover Creek is not just your run-of-the-mill ballad independent music. They are actually a collaborative music project which grew from the mind of singer/songwriter and front man Epstein. The heart-felt depth to their lyrics is obvious and prominent from the very beginning.  Determined to spread their musical wings they released the aptly titled Sanctity of Song on March 22, 2012.

Sanctity of Song is an album that weaves in and out of an almost religious songwriting experience accompanied by dynamic instrumentals. Singing to the religion of music and art, Epstein’s sultry singing felt off at first approach, but as the record progresses the unique sound becomes a medium in which deep lyrics and stories are projected.

The most perplexing piece of the record is the dynamic variables in each song. It isn’t hard to take into account the depth of Clover Creek’s musical talent, but there are few standout tracks that lend a confusingly addicting hand to their sound. For instance “Truffles,” a rather descriptive account of the small treat sings a rather specific description of the morsel. Then there is a darker side to the album with “Too Damn Late.” Ranging from catchy “Lovely Lonely Girl” to the bluntly titled “Shit Happens,” the one consistent is deep lyrics floating on solid instrumentals. The latter clearly defines just what the band from Durham has in them.  The cynical, yet honest lyrics belt out “If we’d had no obstacles/there’d be no wish upon a star/ if shit didn’t happen/we’d be too spoiled to care” to a revealing apex of intellect and writing abilities.

Though a little rough on the ascent, like a minstrel lending his voice to R&B love songs, Clover Creek establishes a unique and honest sound within Sanctity of Song; proving that there is in fact solace to be found within the art and within the music.