Whenever we pop in our earbuds and turn on our iPod for a jog, or crank our speakers to 11, or sing along (more out of tune than we think) to our favorite song in the car, we generally aren’t thinking of the business side of music. We don’t consider which songs were written by artists who measure success by meticulously crafting each note to achieve the perfect aura or which ones are more concerned about building their brand and global footprint. The latter generally has the charisma and presence to get noticed over the former. The term “starving artist” was coined for a reason. It is a business, fair or unfair.

Some bands just get it.

This may sound like I am about to be extremely critical of No Blitz, but if you listen to their EP Never Satisfied, you would know otherwise. It’s pretty awesome. The music is not overly complex, but the beauty of rock is in its simplicity. This quartet from the DC area has harnessed the essence of power pop and belts out track after rock track. Ryan Wogh’s vocals demand to be noticed as he drifts between the Curt Kirkwood school of vocals and then shreds his throat in true punk fashion. James Cichra blends a crunching hard rock edge aesthetic guitar riffs while Dan Horner’s bass and Shane Steenberge’s drums create a hooky rhythm section.

The rock is pure, the band wears their influences on their sleeve, but one thing is evident: No Blitz is taking their EP title to heart. They are not satisfied and are destined for bigger things. Check out their release Never Satisfied, because one thing is for sure.

They get it.


02 Unreal by No Blitz