Walking around touting “in your face guitar riffs, driving drum beats, and catchy melodies” and “unpretentious personality and a knack for writing voluminous lyrics” usually means you’re either full if it or full of yourself; especially when you’re only on your second album.

It takes all of about twenty four seconds to understand that the Arlington, VA based quartet No Blitz has every right to lay claim to that, if not more.

Indeed, in your face guitar, seriously rock beats, and catchy as hell melodies make No Blitz’s Never Satisfied the rock experience to, well, experience. Reaching back into the a sound reminiscent of The Colour and the Shape, Ryan Wogh, Shane Steenberg, James Cichra and Dan Horner explode with slick riffs and infectious melodies, reminding me of just what solid, passionate rock can be.

The seven track EP is formed around the belief that no matter where you are in life, stagnation is bad and that it is impossible to simply maintain, thus Never Satisfied.  This theme is clear from begging to end.  Dynamically building into “This Is for You,” the album clings to honest, Grade-A rock.  The first two tracks lay a firm foundation, but the album seriously starts to impress when we reach “My Life.” This track is the defining moment of what separates the band from those who want to rock and those who know how to bring it. Like an audible roller coaster, everything up to this point has been a steady, anticipation filled climb. Sure, it is a vital part to the whole ride and it is definitely entertaining, but the latter half of the album is solid. Not so much a thrilling decent into some lick spinning, snare induced dizziness, but more a thrilling explosion of songwriting and musical talent that will have you rocking. All seven tracks have their feet planted firmly in their promise of driving, melodic rock at its finest. In keeping with their shameless self-promotion, we must admit there is no pretense even remotely close to Never Satisfied, especially the toned down “I Alone” or the echoing “Zero Machines” as the album caps off their highly addictive rock.

No Blitz is poised to take 2012 by storm with a plethora of shows to support their newest EP. Though they aren’t heading west, which is massively disappointing after hearing this, there is one thing to take away from this, it is that we can’t become stagnant in what isn’t and we should rock out to what is. Keep moving forward, listen to and be, Never Satisfied.