I’ve never been one to find myself longing for a sixty-three track album where each track comes in at an average of a minute and where the word “f**k” is more prominent than any particular structure. That is unless that f-bomb is dropped repeatedly by incomparable Richard Meltzer.

Yuko Araki, Hirotaka “shimmy” Shimizu and Mike Watt lend the musical talents to the backing of Meltzer’s spoken word to create the adventure that is Spielgusher. As the name suggests it is in fact Meltzer gushing his spiels over the record. The sixty-three tracks drunkenly waver between sexual themes, political statement, hygienic tendencies and margarine and are sure to have you contemplative and confused; all while being captivated as hell.

Like an audible car wreck that you are slowly driving past, I can’t help but be enthralled with Spielgusher. To simply stare at the contorted mass you’re sure to step back in fear. This would leave you speculate and come to your own twisted conclusions. We all know that speculation is crap, education is key. Spielgusher educates while entertaining on a level that could only be painted as the equivalent of Jade Warrior dancing among Bill Maher’s words and ideas.

Araki, Shimizu and Watt intertwine the spectrum of spoken song with masterful precision. Varying from psychedelic rock to jazz to ambient the trio plays ode to the intellectually power stricken words Meltzer pans out in an elaborative hour long jam-like session.

Though this work that began in 2004 is just coming to fruition, it is quite the experience to sit back and let yourself be sucked in. This is not a record that will become some under-the-radar success nor will it be one for mainstream consumption, that won’t bother them. With Spielgusher you must approach with caution and the right mindset. If I am ever in a raw cynical mood I know for certain that Spielgusher is there to understand me and guide me through the guise that is everyday life with honesty and no-holds-barred. It is a trip down a road of crude enlightenment and contemplation; a road that is well worth the journey.