If there were ever an album that falls into that therapeutic feeling you get from having a really deep conversation with a really good friend, Hope in Transition embodies it.

It is barely over four years since Brendan James released The Day is Brave, his first studio album. Today, his third album, Hope in Transition, proves the already popular belief that this LA singer/songwriter has what it takes.

James guides you down onto his poetic ledge with his latest release by finely crafting an intimately original canvas of grace and hope. His power and precision is memorable and you can feel the message that is his life changing last twelve months. Giving hope and embedding his awe inspiring writing, James will have you singing “Nobody started from/the place that you started from/Nobody hopes to go/where you’re hoping to go/Nobody out there wants the life you do/cause none of them are you” by the second chorus of the opening track “None Of are You.” Hugely infectious and powerful, I am hanging to every word of each track on Hope in Transition. Building on piano driven peaks and lulling your consciousness with well-timed lingering vocals, slightly Tom Chaplin-like with Paolo Nutini-like delivery, you will be left with a passion for his “Younger Days” and falling in love with “Charleston” like they are your memories.  You’ll find the empowering hope of “Nightlife” speaks to all of us who have ever felt a common moment regardless of where we come from or who we are; all without needing a meat dress.

By the end of Hope in Transition I’m found almost wanting to just thank Brendan James for the good talk. But there is so much more to this beautifully composed nine-track poetic rock. It is an album you don’t want to share because it speaks to such a personal level but one you feel the whole world needs to hear. Like that conversation you’ll never forget with your great friend, it will hold a special meaning that only the two of you will get, but is an experience everyone needs to have.