A few months ago we discovered the beginnings of Owl Paws with their self-titled release (Owl Paws 2011). Last week we heard “Sunrise,” the first single from Carry On.

And now, the waiting is over. Carry On is on deck to release August 31, 2012, but the amazing Urban Scandal Records let us in on the EP.

The Bay Area quartet has me kicking myself for stating that they do “not make the sound that will propel them to national radio stations instantly.” I jumped the gun and I must say I’m very glad I was wrong.  Carry On is a must have record for 2012. Combining their provocative folk we came to know on their previous release, Owl Paws has come into a sound that is hard to not love; reminiscent of Local Natives.

In a mere six tracks the EP is eye opening and enticing. A dreamy echoing dynamic sets the bar with Carry On as “Hoot” leads off the EP in fine fashion. The bass drum/tambourine road danced upon by simple vocals accompanies a gentle guitar strumming to lay a foundation that shows growth and direction to their sound. Followed with “The Fields,” I’m hooked. Their folk is proof positive that these guys have what it takes. Adding violin and precise breakdowns, Owl Paws takes complexity and weaves it into an easy to grasp, beautiful sound. Intellectually driven lyrics feed into an already strong vocal delivery as the track sings on “I felt regret before the progress regressed.” Progressing through the EP I can’t help but sit in awe and stunned admiration at the latest release. “Croak” and “The Seed” instill a confidence that comes with seasoned sounds. Give them 22 minutes of your time and they’ll give you an EP to remember.

I’m a strong believer that post-production isn’t everything; in fact, it can detract from an album. With Carry On the production has taken an already strong sound, layered it perfectly and dished it out with great presentation. Not over-produced, it is laid down in just the right way. The personality that comes through on the EP does the music justice and entices your inner audiophile.

Keep an eye on Owl Paws; they’ve got a bright future. Check out Carry On August 31st.