I listen to a lot of music, always have, and always will.  Usually rock, country, limited rap, alternative etc., I am pretty versatile with the music I listen to and enjoy.  In the US, most of the bands we’re given are from the States, or England or even Australia, and whenever something crosses my player that is from other parts of the world, I always get excited to hear a fresh, new sound.  Someone else’s take on music and harmony and what works for them.  So when I got Mojo Wave’s Enjoy, Don’t Destroy 3 track EP, I was curious and excited about a band I have never heard from a country I have never been to.  It didn’t fail to deliver on the promise of a new sound, and one that got my foot tapping.

The band hails from Vantaa, Finland and is composed of three members, Arttu Kantola – “Vox & Fuzz”, Antti Pihlajamaa – “Bassteroid” and Mikko Matikka – “Groove”; they describe themselves “as the opposite of the common rock band. It’s unpredictable, personal and energetic.”  Their music is influenced by a wide variety of bands and sounds and I am hard pressed to put their sound into one specific category.

With a sound that is self-described as “Wild and savage rock that rolls over in massive waves of pure enchanting Mojo”, their music comes across as a mixture of rock, funk, metal with kick ass spot on drum and guitar pieces.  Their “Whitebird” has a heavy use of drums and guitar that takes you smoothly right through the song and the vocals draw you into their music.  “Yeasayer” and “Questions” end the trio of songs and leave you wanting more with distinctive vocals that remind me of early Jagger and instrumentals that remind me of everyone, and yet sound new and undiscovered.

I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fresh new band and with a taste of what Finland’s Mojo Waves has to offer, I am, absolutely, looking forward to more.