H is 4 Hector is a one man band from San Francisco, California who is projecting easy to dance with catchy pop/rock.

The brainchild of Hector Zaragoza, who, after several albums with the band High Like Five, decided to set up this new project and create something truly personal.

The two songs fully written and played by Hector are “Someone Beautiful” and “Dreams.” They perfectly reflect his modern pop/rock tendency and it is not a coincidence that Green Day and Katy Perry are both mentioned as influences.

Both songs are very radio-phonic, easy on the ears and unwittingly have you following the rhythm with your foot. Although it’s a home-production, some musical and technical tricks (backing vocals that give dynamism to the songs, repentine tempo changes) make it very enjoyable even after several listens.

While we look forward to a studio album, you can see H is for Hector performing live on Sept 9th in the historic “Whiskey a Go Go” in LA. If you want to dance, listen to good music and spend a real lovely night out, this appointment can definitely do the trick!