The world of electronic music is often led by the few. The most common performances are simply a single person under a stage name or a duo wearing bright helmets. Cassettes Won’t Listen is no stranger to this trend. This one man Brooklyn based indietronic producer is staged to release his third album EVINSPACEY on June 21st.

We’ve, sadly, been conditioned by the plethora of modern electronic music to expect beats and synths with the occasional “un-tiss.” With that in mind, I approached this album with great trepidation, believing I was being led into another basement self-produced twelve tracks of monotonous beats and ever so slightly changing beat.  In a world where almost anyone with a decent computer and some rhythm can self produce and release “electronic” music, we’re faced with a very tough task when it comes to finding something with substance.

I can confidently say, look no further than this album.

Immediately kicking off with “Friendly Float” you’re hooked by the refined beats and well placed effects. For being just one man, I was rather impressed to be met with vocals on the album from the second track. Where it could potentially fall short of anything unique, producer Jason Drake, effectively spins it back into your consciousness. This ability to keep you moving is a talent that is often hard to find. Justifiably released on Drake’s label Daylight Curfew, which was created to showcase artists nationwide, EVINSPACEY is not just the boss’s project, but rather an album any label should be proud to release. Sounding anything but novice, there is an even mixture of sounds that are built for the club and those built for headphones. Driving though heavy bass and a great little keyboard melody “Kingdom” is a meek 1:34 seconds long, leaving you wishing it were longer. Although at just over a minute and a half, it is proof that with this type of talent you don’t need long to master a track. This highly addictive 45 minutes is very well produced and clean in all the right ways while maintaining its individuality.

There is going to be success for Drake all around with this album, for fans this is a quality album that is sure to bring new fans to the talent of Cassettes Won’t Listen and reinforce the abilities of a one-man show.