We walk through the desert towards the oasis that we have just built up in our minds, only to get there, seeing it looking like the miles of desert that came before it.”

– Christopher Pappas


One of the largest hurdles for an artists is achieving their personal feeling of “making it” or being “successful.” To each it is measured by different milestones.

Since the age of 13, Christopher Pappas has struggled with this very dilemma; setting a milestone, reaching it, and then realizing it wasn’t fulfilling his personal expectations, thus setting even more goals. This can only benefit two things: His talent – which is not in question – and fans.

The culmination of a sound that traces its origins back to a 7th grade talent show, Mr. Pappas under the moniker Miracle Parade, has releasedHark!…And Other Lost Transmissions through Little Record Company.

Taking a chance with putting the longest song on the album at the forefront, opening with a dreamy feeling, steel guitar driven “Lost at Sea,” it prompts an idea that this is going to be a very mellow album. Promptly doing an about face and picking up pace with the beachy feeling “Sweet Tooth,” I’m hooked at the dynamic displayed only in the first two tracks. Miracle Parade compiles a sound with roots in the Oldies, Folk, and Modern which prompts an almost R.E.M. emotion from time to time.  Driven by a folk-rock acoustic guitar foundation Hark! is a profoundly simply, yet impactful album. With a heart-on-his-sleeve approach, laying it all out in songs such as “When It’s Your Time” singing “And I’m a boxer on the ropes, and I feel she’s one big hoax, and if I had my soul to sell, I’d still need to beg and borrow for that tomorrow…” this album soars where most fall into the love ballad/folk genre and disappear.

This album strikes a very unique note with its varying guitars and vocals and is quickly climbing my list of favorites for 2011. Whether you pick it up on Amazon, through Little Record Company, or from Miracle Parade’s site, get your hands on this album.

Taking each step in stride and constantly challenging oneself can be a very rewarding, but can also be a daunting task. To Miracle Parade, I’m going to firmly say, you’ve made it, but by all means, keep going!

Greg’s Side Note:

Check out a very candid look into the mind of the man behind Miracle Parade here: http://miracleparade.com/losttransmissions