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Christopher Pappas, mind behind Miracle Parade, recently made an astute comment on the recording process, stating “The process of recording a record is the most unnatural thing in the world. Imagine someone telling you to pose for a picture, and informs you that this photo will be THE PHOTO upon which ALL OTHER PHOTOS OF YOU WILL BE JUDGED. FOREVER.” Then continuing “we put an UNNATURAL amount of weight on an ‘album’ version vs. EVERY other version we hear.”

For Austin’s Aimee Bobruk, this opinion speaks volumes and yet may be the evidence that there is much more to it than meets the eye.

In a day where everyone is trying to croon and belt out a retro smoky sound, Aimee Bobruk is aimed against the tide. She is doing what she does oh so well; she is being herself.

/ba.’brook/ holds the grace of vintage southern romantic folk while portraying a refreshingly modern non-cynical passion. Bobruk does well by avoiding the overly direct approach to heart-felt lyrics; you’ll find no “I hate what you did to me/I’m going to light water on fire” here. Spun on a complex web of varying instrumentals (brilliant foresight by producer Brian Beattie) the album comes together very nicely.  In fact, the added level of whimsy played out by Beattie (also bassist on the record) and drummer Dony Wynn helps Bobruk breathe life into a world of her own. The world conveys sincerity and depth without becoming obnoxiously playful; instead, it becomes more like a new branch of folk.

/ba.’brook/ isn’t some “force to be reckoned with,” in fact Bobruk would probably slap me if I were to use that phrase in describing it. Her purpose is deeply rooted in simply what she wants to do with the hope it her emotion comes through. Track by track, she conveys more than her meaning, she conveys beautiful new memories. The deeply moving, but brilliantly simple “Two of a Kind” sweeps you away from mainstream. “In Your Own Language” masters just that, its own language. It travels down the path of quirky audio pops while maintaining a tight meaning.  She succeeds grandly with this release.

Bobruk’s ability to embody such elegance within a minimalistic sound will leave a lasting memory on anyone who comes in contact with her music. Her ability to produce a sound that if, in fact, is a sound which all future sounds will be judged, then she has set the bar rather high.  /ba.’brook/ takes a deep breath of today’s music scene and lets out a confident, refreshing sigh of individuality.