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-Chris’ Take-

Life gets busy. We rush from home to work, to the gym, the store, home, dinner, kids baths, kids of to bed, and if you’re lucky, some uninterrupted six to eight hours of sleep before you start it all over again. Sometimes it is important to take some time for yourself, to treat yourself to an entertaining treat, something that will make, if not help your worries melt away, at least a soothing backdrop to your busy day.

Such a treat was found in FI/SHE/S three song self-titled release.  The five band mates hail from France, Cameroon, Belgium and China.  Their music is self-described as “mesmerizing melodies” and while I did not find myself feeling lost in the music per se, I did find the music to be satisfying and absolutely pleasant to listen to.

The second song, “Nightcall (Kavinsky Cover)” starts out smooth with simple guitar picking and soft calming vocals that lure you into the song with a lyrical promise of “I’m going to show you where it’s dark, but have no fear”.  The song is dark with the sense that the repeating chorus of “There’s something inside you/it’s hard to explain” that lulls you into self-reflection.  “Quiet is the Monster” and “A Drive to the Psychos” bookend the retro tone of darkness in the lyrics, with a monster wanting to get out in “Quiet is the monster” and a boy who wonders how his mom can trust his dad in “A Drive to the Psychos”.  All three songs never come out to say exactly what they mean, but allude to deeper meanings lyrically.

FI/SHE/S has built a great base in the instrumentals, and combined with the tone and smooth delivery of the vocals, make this a heady mix of retro tunes and obscure meanings.  I would recommend their album to anyone who would listen, and I definitely look forward to hearing where they go next.