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-Greg’s Take-

When you look at the world through a kaleidoscope it is beautifully vibrant. When you listen through Kaleidoscope Jukebox, it transcends light and sound.

For lack of any other comparable emotion, the only thing that I can express about Kaleidoscope Jukebox’s Infinite Reflection is that it is simply a marvelous audible experience.  I became lost in this album for hours and never, not for a moment, became bored.

Taking the name Kaleidoscope Jukebox, Clint Carty has molded a piece of work that is truly awe inspiring. From the stellar waves in “Of Light” to the enchantment of “Flame Thrower” to the cultural influences in “Rite Of Passage” Carty’s break beats and vibrant transitions are gorgeously hypnotic.  Having remixed songs for Loopez, Manta At Odds, Second Sky and Thievery Corporation, Infinite Reflection sheds all signs of novice and finds balance in landscapes of rolling worldly instrumentals and harmonious bliss.

It is very hard to not be absolutely sucked into the kaleidoscope world. The fourteen track release is a vibrant walk through your inner thoughts with the path lit by soft waves of sound.  This is the album to reach for when you need self-reflection but also the album to play while hosting a party; it fits comfortably, regardless when or where you hear it. But be forewarned, if you put this on and attempt to do anything but feel good, you will fail.

There is, however, one glaring moment of Infinite Reflection that I cannot help but feel turns the album, though just for a moment, in the completely wrong direction. Like the nose from the Sphinx, someone needs to just lob off “Double Edge Sword.” While not terrible in its own right, the beauty of this creation is better for skipping this track. The hip hop, and the inherent personality that comes with, feels out of place and forced. Even with that being said, the album shines.

Though my mind instantly went to the warm confines of The Mirror Conspiracy it soon settled in the realm of Kaleidoscope. From beginning to end, Infinite Reflection is just that. It is a mirror within a mirror, but what you see is all your own. I know what I found; now I encourage you to look for yourself.

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