-Clay’s Take-

Set aside my love of two-piece bands for a minute.  Set aside Nanobot Rock’s constant exposure to sounds from San Francisco.  Set aside the fact that I was once a teen and early-twentysomething who listened to angry-making music.

If you have any love of post-hardcore/punk, set all that aside and go listen to Aleutia’s demo album. It is a quick four-track gut punch of melodic hardcore.  It rekindled everything I loved about gravelly vocals, crashing cymbals and angry guitars coupled with melody.  It is not untrod ground, but when done right brings me back to the good old days of pre-Siren Song Rise Against.

In essence, it makes me want to drop this 9 to 5 job and go beat on a trash can somewhere.  Go listen, since it is a name your own price venture, so if you don’t have a penny to throw their way (No excuse: just don’t download a $3.99 app for one month and make an awesome band happy) you can still discover great music.