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On the east side of the Treasure Valley sits Boise, Idaho. If you’ve ever visited the area, it isn’t hard to understand why it is called the Treasure Valley. From a fantastic city scene to an outdoorsman’s paradise, there is something for everyone.

For four days a year, the biggest treasure of all falls upon the valley. Lounges, bars, basements and coffee houses transform the Gem State capital into an epicenter of all things independent.  The Egyptian theatre hosts an array of amazing independent films, Alefort brings in some of the region’s best breweries without a single one claiming to be “banquet beer,” whatever that means, the streets tempt you with a mob of amazing food trucks and a selection of panels discuss the real music business.

But in a blanket covering all of the aforementioned delights is the epitome, if not the greatest single example, of independent music; Treefort Music Festival. Four all ages venues and nine 21+ venues became a safe haven for all walks of life. From dude-guys and their white sunglasses to Lisa Loeb lookalikes to people who appeared to hike in off the mountain to piercing riddled rockers, young and old, in every form you can imagine they came out in force.

Still in its infancy (this being only the second year) Treefort Music Fest 2013 spared no expense to make March 21st through 24th simply amazing. It became a battle of desires and for every amazing show caught, there were two amazing shows missed. The talent was so prevalent it became a battle of greats. Granted the dilemma of “which great band to see” is not a bad problem to have.

Through the cold, and it was cold, fans showed up in masses to stand outside and experience the electric Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, The Walkmen and Yacht, to name a few, on the Main Stage. It would seem those who couldn’t bare the chill retreated to the warmth of The Crux, Neurolux, China Blue, Tom Grainey’s or the Linen Building, but in fact wherever you went, the excitement was so thick it didn’t matter if you were inside or out, when the music started it got hot.

If you have ever sat down and had the conversation with friends, or even thought to yourself, “If I had a music festival, who would I host?” Stop, because Treefort answers that for you. Though there was more music than we could possibly experience all at once, we moved with Yacht, we were sucked in by Lamont Kohner, surprised by StoneSeed and blown away by The Grizzled Mighty. And that is just scratching the surface of our religious-like experience.

This is not some college festival or some weird art gathering with eccentrically odd music, Treefort Music Fest is a pilgrimage for fans of truly independent music. They open the door for concert memories that will rival the biggest and best shows you have ever experienced.

Treefort Music Fest should be viewed as a major player in the showcase/festival circuit. They’d be wise to stick to the independent lineup they so masterfully assembled, but we don’t think anyone needs to remind them of this. From volunteers to producers, musicians to venue staff, Treefort Music Fest 2013 was the most fun we have had in a very long time.

In 2014, be there.

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