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Life is a blast/hold on tight ‘cause it goes by fast/take chances/take a risk/make if unforgettable like a first kiss” – Eclectic Approach “Till My Heart Stops”

-Greg’s Take-

Some time ago, in a place much further than Seattle, there was a force capable of destroying entire planets. Don’t mistake it for a moon, because, well, that’s no moon. Since then nothing has come close to the devastating power possessed by aforementioned globe.

Until now.

Possessing the strength to destroy planetary mundaneness with the force of grooves and beats, Seattle’s Eclectic Approach is launching their EP Break The Floor. Nothing, and I mean nothing (looking at you Justin Timberlake and Maroon 5), has struck such an impressive funk/electronic chord in me in a long, long time.

If you’re like me, you believed you had an idea of what to expect when these guys shocked the inner corners of your psyche with “All That It’s Missing (Mind Control);” you were wrong. This EP reaches levels you couldn’t possibly wrap your head around. When the heavy bass drum strikes, thanks to Chris Lucier, against Ryan Jander and Justin MacDonald’s delicious licks in “When She’s Gone” you’ll be knocked off your feet in a “yes sir may I have another!” moment.  Their fun, dynamic sound is irresistible. Whether it is Martin Celt’s sexy funk bass that makes other bassists look like, bassists, or Jowed Hadeed’s energetic vocals that feel as if he was born to do just one thing, entertain you, Eclectic Approach is the exception to the rule on every level.  I’m the worst dancer in the world and with Break The Floor I would publically attempt to bust a move. You would too, you just can’t help it. All that it’s missing is you, but be careful because it is like mind control. You’ll want to be “the kid running through them halls screaming ‘oh man, this is good! Livin’ life just like I should’” (“Till My Heart Stops”).

You can thank me later for showing you your new favorite band.

I reiterate, that’s no moon, it is an inter-planetary powerhouse launched from the Pacific Northwest in the form of five guys who bring it; in full force. Eclectic Approach takes you to church and preaches the good word of all things funk-riddled-electronic-goodness in a stellar fusion of spicy riffs, catchy lyrics and heart pounding awesomeness. Break The Floor is a call to arms to put down the doubt and shyness and be something. And they are the flagship to give you confidence to know that you are not going to be alone. Do. Not. Miss. This.

Eclectic Approach