We all need a reason to get up and move. We all need a reason to dance. Think you can’t dance? Well we can fix that. Seattle’s own Eclectic Approach is the audible Viagra to your dancing deficiencies. Pardon the reference, but when you listen to them you have no choice but to start shaking. They are infectious as hell and that is only rivaled by the amount of fun they pack into their sound. Fresh off a performance on Jimmy Kimmel, they show no signs of slowing.

On Saturday November 10, they will be sharing the stage at home in Seattle with Ben Union, Tommy Simmons and James Redfern and Neumo’s.  In the meantime, they’re working on a Kickstarter campaign to record a new EP we think you should check out.

Can’t make the show? Pop this puppy and if the thrill lasts more than four hours, keep dancing!