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-Greg’s Take-

I think one of the greatest moments in discovering music is when you find a band that would either take twenty minutes to explain to someone or they border indescribable. Either way, they are so thick with style that you practically demand people just listen.

When I try to think of an example of such a sound, the very first thought is the unsigned, appallingly so, Fort Worth based Ice Eater.

The fuzzy distortion drenched rock combines a massively dynamic approach with melodies that appear water-and-oil, but finish like a brilliant painting. Their unapologetic approach to doing what suits them masks hard work and vision with a seamless rock brought on by seemingly natural tight rhythms and masterful harmonies.

Ice Eater’s release Don’t Care is a raw pick-to-string grunginess that reminds me, instrumentally at least, of when Kings of Leon rocked instead of popped. An attractive rhythm section brought on by prominent bass licks and area style drums backs up to genre defining guitar licks. But be careful, the band has classified their genre as “Don’t Care.” And not caring has never been so cool.

Their unique approach is as intriguing as their sound. Purposeful emptiness is greeted by echoing fresh rock. Of the eight songs on the record, Ice Eater takes honest love ballad sound (“Scaredycat”) and whispering angst (“Surfing The Wave of Fun”) and makes them manly.  They bring intelligent writing and infectious vocals. They take the rock mold and break it. They take what is expected and prove they don’t care.

If you’re anything like me you’ll be torn to pick just which of the eight tracks is the best. Hell, even the album cover is awesome. Ice Eater was unknown to me until now and they have instantly become a band I will continue to talk about. I’ve spent my time explaining Ice Eater and just why I have become hooked on their sound. Now, just listen!