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The road to this point has been one filled with more than its fair share of twists and turns for The Fireflys. But it seems almost fitting that, on the cusp of the release of Embers Of The Autumn, the Runcorn Three release the beautiful, masterful and elegant single “Hummingbird.”

The rolling harmonies and acoustic bounding guitar drives straight for your emotions and hits it head on. “Hummingbird” holds the power to bring even the manliest men to their knees as it becomes a giant screen that will instantly act as a blank canvas for you to project your heartfelt memories. Wylding’s voice echoes with passion. It is almost as if The Flys have harnessed that moment when a warm summer night settles after a long busy day and becomes so quiet and still that you can’t help but reflect on family, friends and loves of your past.

If one song were to be the catalyst in which, years from now, we look back upon and say definitively that it was the defining moment that changed it all for a band, “Hummingbird” is it. This is folk from the UK done absolutely right.