Storie Grubb and the Holy Wars

At the risk of sounding a nerd, or somewhat cliché, I can say that the singer/songwriter is strong with Boise, Idaho/surrounding area. Jonathan Warren & The Billygoats, Stoneseed, and Cassie Lewis are great examples of this. But when singer/songwriter is associated with the Treasure Valley, it is almost always synonymous with some variation of folk.

Enter Storie Grubb and the Holy Wars.

The self-admitted almost-concept-album EP is a paradox in itself. It is a vast layered experience of a sound built upon the idea they may contribute in part, or as a whole, to a rock opera via the mind of front man Mr. Grubb, who openly admits to stage anxiety. The ensuing eight tracks convey a familiarity while reaching into some dark regions instrumentally.

Sure, as I’m sure you will, I was hit with the immediate “oh great, what am I listening to” when the opening track “The Tale” chimes in with its music-box chaos intro. But then, I was struck with a strong fascination.  From beginning to end, the EP grows ever so slightly into a little harder and a little faster presence. Grubb’s Yorke-ian voice and delivery is a refreshing avenue to venture down for the swinging rock/folk/ambient style that encapsulates the band. Most notably on “People Like You (Hate People Like Me).” The three and a half minute track, I swear, is a lost recording from The Bends. Now this isn’t a reach into a shameless replication of a sound on the part of Storie Grubb, Bruce Maurey, Mathew Vorhies and Dustin Jones, but rather a moment of strength poured out by a fantastic track. Although they put their strongest foot forward by the third track, the EP as a whole is an enjoyable listen which can easily be played in order or at random to achieve the same impressed feeling.

Storie Grubb and the Holy Wars recently played Treefort Music Festival 2014 which I am kicking myself for missing. From what I hear their live shows are certainly something to behold. And I can honestly say if it is as good on stage than it is on album then I will make it a point to catch these guys the first chance I get; as should you. Check out the EP Storie Grubb and the Holy Wars here.


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