The Fireflys Release Repeat

Over the course of “Release/Repeat” I find myself repeating the mantra “I know this band. I know this band.” Because, you see, if there were ever a roundtable discussion about the band from Runcorn I would throw my hat in the ring and offer to be in on the discussion. I know The Fireflys.

At least, I thought I did.

“Release/Repeat” has me second guessing everything I’ve come to know; not in a bad way. The first single off their much anticipated upcoming release looks like The Fireflys, sounds like The Fireflys so it must be The Fireflys, but it isn’t a repetition of their former glory.  The song, instead, is about their former glory, what a hard work can do for you and pursuing your dreams/goals without hesitation. The band has faced their fair share of opposition up to this point and throughout it all they have prevailed by keeping steadfast to making brilliant music. In short, it perpetuates hope and determination.

Instrumentally, the song has all the great hooks we’ve come to expect with one major factor: this breakdown. The addition of David Packer to The Flys rounds them out at 4 but also brings in a killer dynamic to not just this song but the band. Granted, the breakdown could easily have been overdone and, but like the professionals they are, they stylistically play to a pace that nails it.

See for yourself:


Greg is a regular contributor and co-founder at Nanobot. He has followed The Fireflys for years and is bound and determined to see them live.