Thunderegg C'Mon Thunder

Summer is in full swing and there are a few things that clearly never change. First, everyone that complained about the cold of winter is now complaining about the heat and we’re supposed to be amazed by their revelation. Second, time is flying by at a breakneck pace and trying to hold on to it is a long lost cause. All we’ll have is the memories. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we all try to find that one album that we’ll always associate with this summer; the soundtrack.

With a little help from Thunderegg, I believe we have found the solution to at least one of the three.

When I think of summer albums I don’t necessarily think of something that speaks to me as much as I think of something that plays well to the adventure. When it comes to Will Georgantas and crew’s latest, C’mon Thunder, speaks to me and the play-to-adventure is there, but oddly, it isn’t my adventure.

Thunderegg hasn’t missed a beat from their previous releases, but in quite possibly the Egg’s best yet, we are graced with fourteen tracks that encapsulate summer in all the best ways. The stories of love, mischievous acts and vivid memories come boldly through thick layers of well-planned instrumentals in a way that is part folk songwriter, part progressive rock. The addicting “Summer Kids” left me clinging to it like my favorite t-shirt. Then I suddenly found myself recalling a tale of teenage angst that I never experienced with “We Kissed Again, Then Ran Some More.” There is also, in the opinion of this music fan’s eyes, the best Thunderegg track by means of balancing composition and vocal delivery, almost striking a chord close to deep track R.E.M., in “Write Me a Caption.” As a whole it almost feels that the decades of work, the countless tracks leading up to this point were all meant to be C’mon Thunder exactly as it is.

I, up to now, considered my fan of Thunderegg. After C’mon Thunder I am a fanatic. To me, the record is the perfect fit for this summer and will always be synonymous with 2014. I could drive for hours, watching the country roll by under my tires, through towns and states, to this album and never think twice about it. The atmosphere is familiar while dreamy; a dream slightly about the past, nodding to the present, and setting sights on the future.

GregGreg is a regular contributor and co-founder at Nanobot. In his spare time he enjoys falling down the rabbit hole of “which musicians influenced other musicians?” Ultimately angering himself with the inevitable “Why haven’t I ever heard this before?!”