One Finger Riot - The Sea

I won’t win any awards for making the statement that musicians are artists, but perhaps we should be looking at the artist themselves, more importantly, the extent at which they express their artistic talent when it comes to awards instead of a popularity contest.

Speaking of short list should-be-award-nominees, One Finger Riot (A.K.A. brainchild of Faris McReynolds) has finally released the follow up to Fly By Life to which saying I am ecstatic is an understatement. Drawing strength and inspiration from everything from AC/DC to “the sound my Dad’s stereo made when I would plug my bass into the mic input as a kid” the ten track release strikes a chord that is simplistically sensational.

Those who have experienced One Finger Riot is to say those who enjoyed One Finger Riot and The Sea is no exception. Instantly, “Give Me a Drug That Works Forever” opens the melodic black hole that will have you forgetting any time or obligations and it won’t let up until the wavering fade of “Wanting Breaks My Heart.” Defined by his ability to embrace any and all musical resources, McReynolds is not restricted to any one facet but expressive of most all. From catchy to intimate heartbreak, The Sea is a rolling experience that should be part of your musical collection, immediately.

To cap it all off, using, McReynolds found Vietnamese based Tu Michael to lend a hand with his latest video. At a total cost of approximately $5 and stating “having a dancer seemed like a good idea. But not just anyone dancing, and definitely not me” the video to the forth song on The Sea “I’m Another You” couldn’t have expressed One Finger Riot any better. It is simple, fluid, and holds your attention like an industrial magnet. When the “Best Discoveries of 2014” rears its head, Faris McReynolds will be an immediate contender. Until then, here is “I’m Another You”:

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