Kaleidoscope Jukebox - Into The OceanIt is believed that Napoleon Bonaparte once reflected that “music is the voice that tells us that the human race is greater than it knows.” He probably said that in French.

If we hold this to be true than we must reflect upon the fact that there are seemingly a million voices screaming in unison, vying for our attention. Arguably, some clarifying the opposite belief of the former French leader.

Within the chaos of the musical voices, there is a siren upon the waves, one that calls upon the weary traveler to rest on the shores without care. However, unlike those in Homer’s legendary text, this is a much more welcoming and honest calling Into The Ocean.

The musical visionary Clint Carty has released the follow-up to 2012’s Infinite Reflection once more under the veil of Kaleidoscope Jukebox. In a dreamlike hypnosis, Into The Ocean curates a twelve-track experience that is as worldly as it is intelligent.

At moments feeling as though it is that graduate course level professor of RJD2’s Deadringer, each chapter within Ocean is as smooth as the glass surface of the water and blends from one to the next just as fluidly. Opening with the title track you are immediately submerged in the sound that is distinctively Kaleidoscope. The name is as fitting as they come considering the fusion of light and color created within the production. Mixing thought-provoking monologues into ambient splendor is nothing new to Kaleidoscope Jukebox. It becomes anticipated as it, while dancing among the ebb and flow of downtempo jazz-infused, otherworldly beats, carries you into a realm that is terribly difficult to find outside of this Jukebox. Even breaking into the creaky rocking chair that adorns a worn porch with “Deep Bayous” the record cultivates a world within the sense of comfort but painted in a dream. If, for whatever reason, impatience gets the better of you, “Sounds and Thoughts” says everything in just under six-minutes that I could say in a novel. If you do wish to fulfill that aching for a truly musical experience, then may I present to you Into The Ocean.

Into The Ocean is, in the humble opinion of this writer, nearly flawless. Not in the sense that this is necessarily the one voice that seeks to end musical production, that finally tells us how great we may be, but rather, it is flawless to the listener, in different ways. Like an experience within the beauty of nature, each person experiences it differently, but it finds meaning to each and every one present. For me, I cannot stop gazing Into The Ocean.

GregGreg is a co-founder and regular contributor here at Nanobot Rock.