The maestros of musical majesty are back!

Swedish septuplet Billy Momo have taken three-for-three. Having played out three full-length records, they are now dashing the musical landscape with three new tracks in their latest EP Umbrellas, wings and magic things.

The Momo sound is nearly incomparable and this latest trifecta drives this home. The Waits-ian instrumentals dance darkened surf-tango through a smoky exterior while airy vocals play to a swagger in “We Need Another Shovel” before we’re introduced to gravitas of “Love Weighs A Ton” which lingers on a pairing of simple strums and infectious harmonies. The ensuing dance of vocal delivery and body-moving sound blends quite nicely to hold the center of the EP strong. Finalizing the trio of tracks, “Right There In Our Eyes” expands on the lower keys of shuffling snare and hypnotic melodies intertwined with captivating piano work.  All three tracks epitomize the complexity that comes from the stellar sound of Billy Momo.

Considering the acclaimed brilliance of Seven Rivers Wild the follow up was most anticipated. The result is better than I could have hoped. In only three tracks, Billy Momo has captured a broad swath of their abilities, but done so in a way that is quite complimentary to what we’ve all come to love. Defined by three entirely separate houses, Umbrellas, wings and magic things is certainly magic in an EP and only lets us down by coming to an end.

Greg is a co-founder and regular contributor of Nanobot Rock.