The world feels like it is balancing on the edge of a knife that gets sharper and sharper with each word out of a politician’s mouth. There is a delicate dance calling for us to find it within ourselves to persevere.

Fresh off their latest EP Umbrellas, wings and magic things, Swedish masterminds Billy Momo capture what we’re all feeling with the track “We Need Another Shovel”. The complex rustic tango parlays the feeling most all of us are carrying every day of a deep motivation to keep building something, but we can’t do it on our own. The sense of being lost balances precariously with an unrelenting drive to move forward.

Through the assistance and beautiful vision of Kola Productions, the brilliant 7-piece brings a physical presence to their already captivating, hard-to-compare sound.

Without further ado, Billy Momo’s “We Need Another Shovel”

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