Less than three hundred words, delivered in just a few short minutes. That’s the legendary Gettysburg Address in a nutshell.

Though no apparent direct-relation as of the time of this post, to either the illustrious leader or the ship, The President Lincoln took a little longer to deliver an, arguably, less historically significant compilation of songs that stir thoughts of reality and art.

The ten tracks that frame Pilgrims and Aliens pass through Alt-Pop Folk with nods at ironically sequined Americana. Alex Maws delivers vocals that exist within the realm of somewhere Lou Reed and Ezra Furman would meet for a stiff drink and a cigarette to discuss existentialism. The quirky delivery of lyric, paired with the uncommon sound of Maws’ voice, breathe a refreshing character into the life of The President Lincoln. Combined with the guitar of Pete Fussey, keys of Lee Norton, rhythm section of Cliff Annicelli and Kevin Hutchins, and vocal pairing thanks to Mo Doshi, Pilgrims and Aliens proudly wears these brilliant quirks on its sleeves. Whether it is the sophomore album opener “An Attack on My Art Is an Attack on Progress,” with grinding guitar and jingle chorus, the title track point-blank reflecting that “Pilgrims and Aliens/misguided by the stars/dismayed to find there/nothing to discover,” or “Words in English” carrying a politically charged core, becoming lost in Pilgrims and Aliens is as easy as the album is smart.

The President Lincoln has music festival band written all over them. When not there, this is core indie music at its finest. College and community radios are likely to pick up on this quickly and you would do well to join suit. The President Lincoln (band, not ship or bearded guy) confidently step out once again with Pilgrims and Aliens (out now on Nine Mile Records) to deliver their reflective, often quirky, mix of sounds and lyrics. If you listen, you’re bound to start thinking and you’re bound to find something you like. I definitely did.

Greg is a co-founder and regular contributor of Nanobot Rock.