The North Central Texas plains are ablaze and, while I’m in no position to tweet any sort of official notice and/or warning to citizens in any regard, I find myself drawn to the mesmerizing flames.

Flickering about the captivating blaze and drawing us in are Mario Rodriguez, Tyler Gene Davis, Lee Ryan, Ben H, and Will Weise, collectively known as Gypsy Sun Revival.

Sparking an ornate balance of mind-jarring rhythms and caressing experimentation, Fort Worth’s Gypsy Sun Revival has compiled seven bending, transcending tracks in the form of Journey Outside of Time that has set fire to the blues sound laid out upon the vast Texas plains by the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughn and the like. This is not, however another totem to one of the greatest guitarist of all time. No, the shuttering concoction of Gypsy is one-part West Texas Blues, one-part Seattle Psych Rock with a heavier, screaming version of Chris Barron up front. Fans anywhere in between need take notice.

Departing the sparse, lingering style of their 2016 self-title release, Gypsy Sun Revival has matured into an evocative, complex sound that was, in retrospect, only loosely coming together on their prior release. Finding a blend of distorted layers within pure psychedelic bliss that mix so sweetly with aggressive hard rock fundamentals, becoming so insanely difficult to pinpoint in any one genre or era, the latest Gypsy Sun Revival truly is a Journey Outside of Time. The record will aggressively tear apart expectations and then lull you into blend that shatters the glass ceiling of consciousness and instills an effervescent hum of reverb into your inner senses. Journey exists in a depth and breadth that avoids falling into the convoluted mess most similar sounds find themselves sinking in time and time again.

Executed on point, seemingly too well, Journey Outside of Time is engineered only to harness the sounds brought forth by Gypsy Sun Revival. Beyond technical recording, the soul that lives within each lick, heavy beat, shredding vocal, thumping bass line, or drifting ambient breakdown is pure, unadulterated seemingly boundless musical ability. So tell your friends, your family, hell, tweet it until your fingers bleed, Gypsy Sun Revival is scorching the North Texas plains in a conflagration that will spread with such ferocity that it will show up at your door very soon. You may as well submit to the Journey Outside of Time now.

Right. Now.

Greg is a co-founder and regular contributor of Nanobot Rock.