With a vintage swagger and an air of classic sound in his pocket, Charlie Sutton drops the second video to his, quickly becoming, highly anticipated Primitive Songs for Modern Times.

Pairing perfectly with the steely slides and echoing clap, “Radioactive Hound” is a slideshow that pays due homage to the Americana style Sutton is firmly establishing within his own frame.

Like dusting off the records that influenced modern sounds, the kind of music made with bare hands, blood and sweat, Primitive Songs for Modern Times (produced by Travis Ward and Charlie Sutton) is shaping up to be a gem of analog Americana sensibility and pure sound, unphased by the synthetic nonsense consuming the modern landscape.

Primitive Songs for Modern Times is slated for a January 2020 release on Junkerdash Records.

Until then, here is “Radioactive Hound” by Charlie Sutton: