Mad Men, The Beatles entire original album catalog, and the Revolutionary War of the United States all took less than 9 years to come to an end.

With all-go-no-stop momentum, Treefort Music Fest, the cultural experience that truly has something for everyone, shows no signs of stopping and is most certainly more entertaining than fighting Great Britain.

Now, reaching out into their ninth incarnation, Treefort Music Fest is announcing the lineup to what is sure to be a revolutionary experience. March 25 – 29, 2020 in Downtown Boise, Idaho will undoubtedly be a musical, cultural experience unlike anything we’ve seen before. Comedyfort, Foodfort, Hackfort, Kidfort, Storyfort, Yogafort, Alefort, and let’s not forget what is anticipated to be over 400 bands over five days, Treefort 2020 is the must attend event to kick off your musical year.

For those who have never attended Treefort and may be asking oneself “self, what’s the big deal?” we’d say if you don’t love music, food, technology, art, laughs, fun, friends, and discoveries that are bound to change your perspective on everything from a band to life, don’t attend. But if one or all of those things intrigue you, Boise is where you need to be in March.

Remember, with each announcement, ticket prices increase, so don’t be that person who waits until the final announcement, get a pass now!

Representing fourteen countries and nearly two dozen states, Treefort Music Fest 2020 lets us in on 123 of the secrets they’ve been keeping, plus a few other appetizers for other forts to come!