If our modern world has inspired anyone to do anything it is that it is more important now than ever to go your own way. The draw to follow your inspirations and whims are what it feels we’re left with more often than not.

To Sespool, Bay-Area’s self-proclaimed spacey emo DIY-er, this has never been an issue.  His latest five-track EP, The Moon Is All There’s Left To Kill, stretches the boundaries of Sespool’s imagination and self-reflective message into a journey across the right sounds we miss from the early 00s and dishes up breaks intermingled with melodies from today.

Rest assured, fans of Sespool are certainly not disappointed with The Moon Is All There’s Left To Kill. If anything, it’s bound to blast the Batsignal of Sespool into the darkness of those seeking a sound they can get behind. The ever-focused uncompromising DIY of this EP is a testament to going his own way. From the fuzzed digitized drum intro in “what are you dying for?” through the powerhouse “keep the darkness deep” to the final setting hope at “swallow the sun” we’re given a sound that is clearly self-made, yet expands in tone that feels much greater than what we know it to be. Blistering archs of grinding pace balancing melodic undertones that remain constantly present and imaginatively cathartic are at the heart of The Moon Is All There’s Left To Kill.

The successes in this EP clearly demonstrate a continued growth we can all get behind. The sonic road driven throughout affords itself enough lateral movement to draw you and let you flourish in its pools of light while darkness settles around you. The Moon Is All There’s Left To Kill is a demonstration in success of truly DIY, but more importantly, sets a bar for Sespool that we haven’t seen to date. To us, it is five tracks that unapologetically go the exact direction Sespool intended and calls on us all to do the same.